The DocuSign donation programme at Charity Digital Exchange provides e-signature and transaction management software to eligible nonprofits, charities, and public libraries throughout the world.

You can use DocuSign to sign, send, and manage documents. DocuSign replaces printing, faxing, scanning, and overnighting documents by making approvals and decisions digital.

Eligibility and Restrictions

Organisations with budgets of $1 million or less may receive five Standard Edition products and five Business Pro Edition products per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

Organisations with budgets of more than $1 million may receive one Advanced Solutions product within the lifetime of the organisation.

Consult the eligibility and restrictions page to review your organisation's eligibility to participate in this programme.

About Access to Discounted Rates

When a product name includes "Access to Discounted Rates," the offer consists of specially discounted rates for products or services. This means that after you place your request and pay any administrative fees to Charity Digital Exchange, you'll also pay the donor partner directly for the product or service. You can find the specific discounted rates in each product description. These rates are available only to eligible nonprofits and libraries through Charity Digital Exchange.