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Frontier Group – Telecoms Services for Charities


The Frontier Group provides fully managed communications services, such as mobiles, telephone systems, connectivity and IT support, for registered charities across the UK. 

Working with organisations such as Citizens Advice, Age UK and Mencap, our account managers have the experience and industry knowledge to advise you of the most cost effective, efficient solution for the way your charity works.

Looking at services such as mobiles and tariffs for staff, flexible hosted telephone systems, dedicated connectivity and IT support, we manage the whole solution from the very start and throughout your contract.

Our partnership with Charity Digital means we can offer these services at a bespoke rate for members, including full account management from our best-in-class Customer Service team.        

Mobile Tariffs & Devices – Exclusive Charity Tariffs and Devices


Mobilising your workforce is such an important and invaluable project. We can help with the introduction, adaptation and/or integration of technology to these functions, ensuring you have the best available options to consider. We guide you through each step of the way to help enable you to digitalise your ways of working.


Frontier have exclusive prices on monthly tariffs and devices specifically for charities and care organisations.


With our inclusive account management and implementation process, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your new technology will be closely supported and fully managed.


What you can expect;


  • Diligence – understanding and review your requirements and/or processes to design the offering which suit your business. Arrange the implementation process around your schedule. Support and roll out of devices, on site, including staff training
  • Value – exclusive pricing and operational management throughout to deliver efficiencies
  • Knowledge – 25 years industry experience
  • Professionalism – integrity & honesty throughout
  • Purposeful account management, monthly account reports and reviews



Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Device Control – Control and Management of Your Devices


Keeping your devices under control is important to any organisation plus ensuring any company and/or individuals’ data on them secure is now a requirement.

Securing and controlling the company devices is not only for business protection, but for the protection of your staff too.

The EMM software is fully GDPR compliant and can sit on any device, enabling you to control the device, and its information centrally.


The key features of EMM are;


  • Protecting company data – safeguarding data held. E.g. ensuring data is not transferred
  • Locking down devices – Remote locking, blocking and wiping lost or stolen handsets – protecting company data
  • Managing device usage – eg restricting non-essential apps ie devices may need to be used for work purposes only.
  • Tracking device location for employee safety purposes
  • Pushing notifications to staff, including urgent messages or rota changes
  • Releasing content into a company library, accessible from every device


EMM is an optional security measure, recommended by The Frontier Group and fully managed, giving you complete control over your device fleet, adding an extra level of protection to your company data and employees.





Connectivity – Dedicated Internet, Broadband, IPVPN


Having a fast, reliable internet connection is vital for business.


There are several options and access methods available. The Frontier Group can supply them all and we will be certain to review and discuss the most suitable for your business.


We’ll talk to you about your processes and give you the best value options to suit the way your business works. This could be a simple broadband connection, super-fast fibre or even a dedicated line into your building.


Charities can save up to 40% off connectivity solutions when combining this into a Communications Cost Reduction Audit with The Frontier Group.





Hosted Voice – VOIP Telephone Systems, Hosted Solutions


With traditional telephone systems (PBX) soon becoming obsolete, a hosted voice solution is an important next step for moving voice communications forwards with the times, thus futureproofing your organisation.


The Frontier Group has a range of hosted products to suit a company of any size. The technology is scalable, reliable and value for money.


Charities looking to move away from a traditional system, or even upgrade or review a current hosted solution, can benefit from our exclusive charity pricing, alongside a streamlined implementation process and ongoing, inclusive dedicated support.


Moving away from the outdated CapEx model, hosted telephone systems are usually first choice for businesses looking to upgrade or change the way they work.



This can also form part of an overall review, when looking at a Communications Cost Reduction Audit with Frontier.





IT Services & Support – IT Review and Ongoing Support


IT Support can be vital to the smooth running of an organisation; knowing your infrastructure is in safe hands and handled by experts can bring complete peace of mind.


As part of your Communications Cost Reduction Audit, we can look at your IT requirements and share with you our offers for the charity sectors.


Our IT support options are tailored to your budget and requirements.





Communications Cost Reduction Review – Auditing Your Infrastructure

(Free tablet with every review)


There can be many different parts to a telecoms infrastructure, with company mobiles, telephony, connectivity and IT being the core elements to a business.


Often we come across organisations that are using numerous providers for all of it’s services. In turn, this can create an uncertainty within the business, as with multiple providers comes multiple points of contact and bills.


With a Cost Reduction Review from Frontier, we’ll take a look at each part of your communications process and look at combining costs.


We’ll recommend a system that’s right for your business and the way you work; and look to save you money in the process.


With this, you’ll have one Account Manager, one point of contact and one process to follow – and we’ll even give you a free tablet just for taking part.


All services within a Cost Reduction Review are subject to our exclusive charity offering too, meaning you’ll get our very best prices every time.






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