In order to participate in the Charity Digital Exchange programme, organisations are required to meet the overall eligibility criteria outlined below AND those required by our individual Partners.


Overall eligibility criteria


The programme is available to:


Charitable Housing Associations

  • Any UK-based charitable housing associations that are registered with HM Revenue & Customs and have charitable tax exempt status.

Public Libraries

Public libraries without a charitable status should be eligible to receive on-premise product donations for public access computers, provided they meet the criteria stated below:

  • In England and Wales, the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964
  • In Scotland, the Public Libraries (Scotland) Acts 1887 to 1955
  • In Northern Ireland, the Libraries Act (Northern Ireland) 2008

Libraries that are registered with HM Revenue & Customs and have charitable tax exempt status are also eligible for the programme.

Other charitable organisations

Any organisation that is registered with HM Revenue & Customs and has charitable tax exempt status is eligible to register for Charity Digital Exchange.

Churches governed by the Archbishops’ Council of the Church of England.


Branches of charities that share a charity number with their parent organisation are eligible to register for the programme.

To complete registration, a trustee or director of the parent charity must provide written confirmation.

Partners' eligibility criteria


To view our individual Partners' eligibility criteria, please see: