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Avast Business CloudCare Products

If you have already ordered licenses with us and it's not been a year, please contact us directly as additional licenses are pro rata, therefore you will need to be invoiced at the correct rate, please see additional license information below.

CloudCare AntiVirus Annual Subscription£6 +VAT
Content Filtering Annual Subscription£5 +VAT
Secure Web Gate Annual Subscription£10 + VAT

CloudCare AntiVirus 24 month Subscription

£12 + VAT

CloudCare AntiVirus 36 month Subscription

£18 + VAT
Content Filtering 24 month Subscription£10 + VAT
Content Filtering 36 month Subscription£15 + VAT
Secure Web Gate 24 month Subscription£20 + VAT
Secure Web Gate 36 month Subscription£30 + VAT
Patch Management 12 months Subscription£9 + VAT
Additional Avast LicensesAdd Ons to previous orders