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Calxa Premier Annual Subscription


Please note this offer is only open to organisations with an annual income of £500k or less

Calxa is designed with charitable organisations in mind. It helps with budgeting, tracking program funding and board reporting for good governance.


Benefits for Organisations

·         Finance Officers save time delivering their monthly reports.

·         Program Managers track their unspent budgets.

·         CEOs can keep track of performance.

·         And, Boards find it easier to understand financial reports and make better decision.


Major Capabilities

Links to your Accounts

Connects to your QuickBooks Online and Xero data so each month you can compare budgets against your actuals.


Create monthly budgets by program that automatically roll up to the organisation budget. Use the Budget Factory wizard to set up next year’s budget in bulk for all of your programs – or for the next 15 years – in just a few minutes.  Or simply use different budget versions to build scenarios or re-forecast unspent portions. Use Metrics to track budgets and actuals for non-financial data and include them in your reports and KPIs. Board-approved budgets can be locked to protect your data.


Unspent Budgets

Easily create your program budgets and compare them to your jobs, tracking category or classes.

Budgets for each program are easily set up and actuals linked from your accounting system. It’s easy to delegate to program managers so they can manage their own funds and activities. Unspent monies are easily tracked or re-forecast for the remainder of the program.


Streamline Grant Acquittals

Being able to rearrange the account structure, makes acquittals to the various grant providers easy.


Preparing Board Reports

Easily batch your monthly reports and then schedule their delivery. It’s so flexible you can add annotations, images or word documents. See some sample reports.


Help Calxa reach the £1 million Donation Milestone

Calxa acknowledges the special and important role that non-profits have in our global community and as part of its contribution to the sector is donating Calxa Premier to eligible organisations. Our Australian donation program has been running since 2011 and has reached over 1000 organisations to the value of more than AU$1.5 million.


For more information check out the Calxa Website.

Obtaining This Product


When your donation request has been approved, Charity Digital will send a message to your organisation email address, inviting you to set up your Calxa Premier Subscription, this can up to 2 business days.



Calxa provides email and phone support. An online Help Centre features articles and videos for self-learning.

SKU: CX-0001



Calxa Premier is an annual subscription. If not renewed, your software will still work in read-only mode, but you won’t be able to make any further updates to your budgets and reports.

Minimum system requirements to run Calxa

You can run Calxa on any modern browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari. We recommend a screen resolution with a minimum width of 1280 pixels for the best experience. It’s not optimised yet for a mobile device, but you can login and may need to do some scrolling.

Accounting Software

Calxa can be used with the following online Accounting products:

  • Xero
  • QuickBooks Online
  • MYOB
Price: £25.00 + VAT