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Charity Digital Mail is an email marketing service for charities provided by Charity Digital and uses the powerful dotdigital cloud based email platform.


It gives charitable organisations the opportunity to design and send great emails at cut-rate prices and doesn’t charge set up fees or to upload/store your contacts.


For this summer, Charity Digital is offering FREE 50,000 emails for customers new to the dotdigital platform to send for the two months.


Offer ends the 31st of August 2021.  


Apply here and we’ll get you set up asap with a free live account.  You’ll also have the option to carry on sending emails after the two month period by purchasing email credits or you can close your account if it doesn't suit your needs.  For more information, contact us.  Support packages are also available.



This product is cloud-based so no additional hardware or software are required. The platform works best on Firefox or Chrome browsers.

All data is held in the UK and not overseas.

Rules, Eligibility & Restrictions


This offering is available to all charitable organisations that are fully qualified on Charity Digital Exchange.

Please note: vouchers cannot be used with existing Charity Digital Mail accounts.