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Call Plan Only:

Select this option ONLY if you have access to the technical capabilities to configure and support the Microsoft 365 phone system and direct routing functionality in Microsoft Office 365.

We recommend charities select the Fully Managed Call Plan to access complete setup and on-going support of the Microsoft 365 environment.

Teams Voice Licenses (Class Networks unlimited calling plan)
Teams Voice LicensesSetupMonthly Charge (£)
Teams Voice License Per User£10.00£5.00
Number PortingSetupMonthly Charge (£)
Porting Charge - Analogue Line£20.00£0.00
Porting Charge -Multi-Line/ISDN DDIs (<=10 DDIs)£100.00£0.00
Porting Charge -Multi-Line/ISDN DDIs (>10 DDIs)£200.00£0.00
Porting Away Charge - per number£15.00£0.00
Additional ItemsSetupMonthly Charge (£)
Additional DDI£1.00£0.00

'Please add the number of users you require when adding to cart, once you have placed your order a Class Network representative will be in touch to talk you through the next steps and set-up payment. To facilitate your order you agree to Charity Digital sharing your organisation and order details with Class Networks'.

SKU: CN-002


·       Must have either the Microsoft phone system addon, or Business Voice Licence.

·       End user hardware must support MS Teams.

·       Consider your contractual position with your existing telephony provider.

·       Consider what audio device each user requires.

Price: £0.00 + VAT