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Frontier Group Phone Tariff Offers


What are the available tariffs?

You can choose from two tariffs, depending on your requirements:

£12.95 – Unlimited minutes & texts, 5GB data and a free handset 

£9.50 – Unlimited minutes & texts, 5GB data, bring your own device

What’s the process?

To get this offer please click on link GET THIS OFFER and complete the contact form.

You’ll speak to someone from Frontiers Care Services Sales Team, who will come to your premises for a consultation.  They’ll talk you through your options and review your current setup, then build a deal based on your requirements

Do I need anti-virus?

We’d always recommend a service called Mobile Device Management, which allows you to have full control over your fleet of mobiles. Mobile Device Management – or MDM – covers you from a GDPR perspective and gives you the resources to effectively manage your teams tech; it comes with anti-virus as standard too. 

What is the contract duration?

Your contract will be a minimum of 24 months. 

What’s not included in my tariff?

Calls to International numbers, 08, 09, premium rate texts and numbers,  

Your tariff includes unlimited UK to UK mobile and landline minutes, and UK texts.  Your data bundle is 5GB.  You can also take your inclusive usage to Europe at no extra cost. 

Charges apply for the following;

-    Usage outside of Europe

-    Non geographical calls

-    MMS messages

-    Data outside of your 5GB allowance

SKU: FG-001