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An Intuitive & simple procurement software that saves your charity time & money.

This offer provides access to a 50 percent discount on the Standard oboloo software subscription price on all your licenses. A discount is also applicable to the Customised oboloo subscription plan (POA). Please find details of our pricing structure here.

What is oboloo?

Oboloo is a self-service cloud-based software that enables your charity to have full visibility and control over every part of the procurement process from sourcing and contract management to supplier and savings management. Promote your values and causes and work with suppliers whose values align with your own.

oboloo is the only self-service cloud Procurement software, designed by a team of procurement, data and product professionals to deliver an intuitive and simple procurement platform that enables any business anywhere to be supplier smart through sourcing, contract, supplier and savings management.

In addition, oboloo helps you to communicate and promote the values and causes that are important to your charity to your suppliers so that you can work with suppliers whose values align with your own. 


Oboloo helps charities to save valuable time and money at every stage in the procurement process, from sourcing and contract management to supplier and savings management.

On average 70% of a company’s revenues are used to buy goods or services from suppliers, yet less than 75% of third-party spend is actively managed. Effective management of third-party spend can on average release savings of between 7-12% and can have a direct impact on the bottom line.


Receive the best value from suppliers every time by following a proven process. Create Sourcing activities in minutes that suppliers can respond to directly within oboloo. Easily review and analyse all the supplier responses and select the best supplier. More information on eSourcing can be found here.

Contract Management 

Never misplace a contract again by keeping all of your contracts in one secure repository with clear dashboards showing what needs doing and by when. Avoid missing expensive contract end dates and notice periods that automatically roll over by receiving real-time alerts. More information on Contract management can be found here.

Supplier Management 

Easily vet and onboard your suppliers and stay informed of their performance and risk. Always work with compliant suppliers by receiving alerts before supplier documents expire and put your charity at risk. More information on Supplier management can be found here.

Savings Management

Keep track of both projected and realised savings delivered by cost reduction and cost avoidance and easily export them to your Finance Department. Itemise and track all your savings by a period of time, location, department, category, user and status. More information on Savings management can be found here.

Your Values

Promote the values and causes that are important to your charity to your suppliers. Work with suppliers whose values align with your charity’s own. More information on Values can be found here.

Additional Key Benefits

30-day free trial

No implementation fees


Get set up in 5 minutes

Intuitive – anyone can use it

Cancel anytime

Unlimited eSourcing activities

Unlimited Quick Supplier Evaluations

Unlimited Contract storage

Unlimited Supplier storage

Unlimited Savings Management activities

Custom Sub Domain

Supplier Scoring Based on Your Values

Supplier Vetting/Onboarding

Automated & Custom Notifications

Multiple Languages

Unlimited Currencies

Dedicated helpdesk

State-of-the-art security. Find out more here

White Label

Types of Users

Super Users – Have control of the entire oboloo software including admin rights.

Regular users –  Are able to create and edit eSourcing activities, contracts, suppliers and savings activities. They can also approve contract documents (if a Super User has given them access rights to do so). Have no admin rights.

Restrictions: Any registered charity is eligible to access this discount.

If you have any questions please contact us here.

SKU: OB-455
Price: £5.00 + VAT