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Free Domain Watch Service Micro charities


Every organisation is at risk of their employee credentials being leaked and used to hack you, and the more employees (and volunteers) you have, the greater the chance there is of their emails and passwords being found. 

For larger, more well-known charities, we recommend you extend your use cases to search for more terms, including IT Infrastructure, IP Addresses, brand names and more.


This easy to use service is managed by Charity Digital, and simply requires your organisations Domain to get started. 

An alert is then created which will look out for your emails appearing on the Dark Web and other places, then a notification is sent if any are found. You will receive an email with details of the emails found, where it was found, and guidance on what to do. Some examples include:

· If the email address only is found, notify the user to be extra vigilant for spam and phishing, as they will likely be added to spam lists used by hackers.

· If the email and password is found, then notify the user to change their password right away to avoid their email account being hacked. They should also check every system this password has been used for. Advise use of a password manager to ensure a different, unique, strong password is used for every system login they create.

Please note : the domain registered with the exchange programme will be the one that will qualify for this offer.


Note: this offer is only available to UK registered charities.

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