Provided your organisation meets the eligibility criteria for the Microsoft software donation programme, donation requests can be made in line with the following entitlement guidelines:

Within a two-year period, each eligible organisation may request:

•    Quantity:

o    Organisations receive an allotment of Microsoft software donations that is reset every two years. An organisation's two-year cycle begins with its first donation request after July 27, 2011. After two years, a new cycle begins, and a new allotment is available.

o    During its two-year cycle, an organisation can request
•    Up to 50 of each desktop or license-only product (like a CAL).
•    Up to 25 of each server product that uses core-based licensing.
•    Up to five server products that do not use core-based licensing.

Your organisation's first donation request marks the beginning of its recurring two-year cycles.