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System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 Data Protection Management License - Standard (Includes Software Assurance)

SKU: LS-41349
Price: £6.00 + VAT



This standard server management license (ML) allows one file server to be protected by a server running System Center Data Protection Manager 2007.

One server ML allows for protection of one operating system environment (OSE). In order to protect multiple OSEs on one server, each OSE must be licensed separately.

An enterprise ML is required for protection of server applications such as SQL Server, Exchange Server, and SharePoint Server. Enterprise MLs are not available for donation through The CTX Programme, but they can be purchased through Microsoft's Charity Open Licensing program. Each server or OSE requires either a standard or an enterprise ML, but not both.

User and OSE client MLs are also available. A client ML is required for each nonserver device protected by Data Protection Manager.

For more information about licensing Data Protection Manager, see System Center Licensing from Microsoft.

Note: This license does not require media, license keys, or setup codes.


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