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Asana Premium or Business, 1-Year Subscription, Access to Discounted Rates

SKU: G-51071
Price: £34.00 + VAT



Asana is online collaborative work management software that helps teams coordinate and manage their work. Asana Premium is for teams. Asana Business is for organisations to monitor, manage, and standardize work across all their teams. With either plan, teams can collaborate from anywhere with Asana's mobile and web applications.

This offer provides access to a 50 percent discount on an annual subscription to either Asana Premium or Asana Business for one team. After you request this offer through Charity Digital Exchange, you'll pay Asana directly for the subscription. You need to request this product from Charity Digital Exchange only once a year. See the Details and Service Costs section below for more information.

Benefits for Organisations

You can use Asana to

  • Make responsibilities and next steps clear for everyone
  • Know how work is progressing without needing to follow up
  • Scale securely, ensuring everyone has access to the right information, and control who has access to what
  • Create repeatable processes for recurring work

Major Capabilities

  • Multiple views: You can view projects as lists, boards, calendars, and timelines. Use tasks with due dates, assignees, and descriptions to make sure every employee knows who's doing what by when.
  • Custom fields: By adding fields to any project, you can track exactly what matters most to the project.
  • Templates: You can add new projects using templates that come with curated custom fields to help you track the information you need.
  • Advanced search: You can customize search filters and create and save custom views across projects, assignees, due dates, and more.
  • Dependencies: You can manage complex workflows by marking a task as waiting on another to know when work is ready to begin.
  • Data controls: You can control what you share so the right people have access to the right information. You can make projects comment-only to avoid unwanted edits.

See a feature comparison of the Premium and Business products on Asana's pricing page.


Asana Premium and Asana Business users have access to onboarding and educational resources and receive priority support when contacting Asana support.

Choose Carefully

The administrative fee for this product is not refundable, and the product cannot be exchanged.

Obtaining This Product

When Charity Digital Exchange approves your donation request, we will send a message to your organisation email address with instructions for obtaining and activating this product.

Details and Service Costs

Discounted RatesThis offer provides access to a 50 percent discount on a one-year subscription to either Asana Premium or Asana Business for one team at Asana's current rates. After you request this offer and pay Charity Digital Exchange's administrative fee, you'll directly pay Asana for your chosen plan.

There is a minimum of 2 users and a maximum of 1,000 for either plan. You can add users later as needed. You will continue to receive your discount for any users you add, up to the maximum of 1,000.
Service Contract RequiredYou must agree to a one-year service contract with Asana.
Existing SubscribersIf you already have an Asana free trial account or paid account, you can upgrade or renew your subscription through this offer. You can choose to upgrade all of the members in your workspace or organisation or only the members on one of your teams.
Continuing Service After One YearYou may renew your subscription by requesting another product through Charity Digital Exchange each year before the subscription expires.
Previewing AsanaAsana offers a free trial on its website.
Credit Card or PayPal Account RequiredA credit card or PayPal account is needed to pay for discounted rates on Asana's website.



Web browser and Internet connection

Rules, Eligibility & Restrictions


  • Quantity: Organisations need to request only one Asana product through Charity Digital Exchange each year to get discounted access for all of the organisation's team members.
  • Budget: Organisations with annual operating budgets of any size are eligible to request products in this programme.
  • UK registered charities and libraries only: Products are available only to qualifying registered charities and to public libraries.
  • Organisation types: The following organisation types are not eligible to request discounted products.
    • Religious organisations without a secular community designation. To have a secular designation, an organisation must provide services to people regardless of their religious beliefs and must not propagate a belief in a specific faith. It must also have a tax ID (EIN) separate from that of the church or religious organisation.
    • Hospitals, hospital auxiliaries, nurses registers or bureaus, health insurance organisations, prepared group health plans, group medical practice associations, in-faculty group practice associations
    • Business and professional organisations
    • Mutual organisations
    • Fraternal beneficiary societies, orders, or associations; providers of other services or benefits to members or employees
    • Sports, athletic, recreational, and social activities, except for community centers and community recreational facilities
    • Legislative and political activity organisations
    • Advocacy organisations
    • Endowment funds or financial services
    • Government instrumentalities or agencies
  • Existing customers: organisations that already have subscriptions to Asana are eligible to renew those subscriptions through this offer.
  • Terms of service: organisations that request Asana products must agree to Asana's standard agreement for such products as well as any applicable Asana terms of service (collectively, the "Asana Agreements") as a prerequisite for obtaining access to the products.
  • Anti-discrimination policy: organisations that advocate, support, or practice discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background are not eligible to participate. organisations must be willing and able to attest that they do not discriminate on any of these grounds in order to receive products.
  • Case study: Recipient organisations must be willing and able to provide information to Asana for the purposes of creating a case study or testimonial.
  • Product distribution:
    • Products will be distributed to qualifying organisations only, not to individuals.
    • Recipient organisations may not transfer or resell Asana products or otherwise violate any terms of the Asana Agreements.