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Office Standard – No Software Assurance

SKU: L-56603
Price: £27.00 + VAT



Office Standard is an integrated collection of programmes and services designed to work together to enable optimized information work.

This donation provides one license for installing the software on a single device. Request one license for each device on which you will install it. See a summary of Volume Licensing Product Terms for specific licensing details.

Which Versions of This Software Are Available?

You can choose to download the current version or the previous version of this software. You can find out which version is the current one on the Current Versions of Microsoft Products page. In addition, you can download the software in any language that's available.

Benefits for Organisations

You can use the applications in the Office suite to

  • Create, share, and edit documents with colleagues in other locations
  • Track and highlight data trends
  • Broadcast documents and live presentations for an audience via their web browsers

Applications in This Suite

The Standard suite includes the following applications.

  • Excel is a spreadsheet application with data analysis and visualisation tools.
  • OneNote is a note-taking application that allows various types of content to be shared among team members.
  • Outlook is a time and information manager that integrates email, calendar, contacts, and tasks.
  • PowerPoint is a presentation graphics programme with capabilities for text effects, sound, and animation.
  • Publisher is a desktop publishing programme that allows people with basic layout skills to create a wide variety of publications.
  • Word is a full-featured word-processing programme.

Major Capabilities

  • Ribbon: The Office ribbon enhances usability by bringing together the most popular formatting and creation tools in a single, unified design.
  • Web and mobile access: With Office Online and free apps for mobile devices, users at separate locations can co-author or edit the same file at the same time. They can use any web browser or mobile device running Windows, iOS, or Android.
  • Cloud storage: Office applications integrate with OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint, so you can access your files across devices.
  • Multiple file format support: Most Office applications, including Word and Excel, can save or export files as PDF or XPS documents natively, without requiring you to download and install add-ons.

No Software Assurance

This license does not include Software Assurance. Without Software Assurance, you will not have the right to install new releases of this product. You will not be able to add Software Assurance to this type of license.

Obtaining This Product

To install this product, you'll need to access the Microsoft 365 admin center. When your donation request has been approved, Charity Digital Exchange will send a message to your organisation email address with further instructions.

If you need help obtaining this product, find out how to download it.



  • See Office system requirements.
  • Microsoft installation technologies:
    • Office applications that are version 2019 or later must be installed using Microsoft Click-to-Run technology instead of the traditional Windows Installer (MSI) technology. Click-to-Run technology is the same technology that is used to install the Office applications that are included with Office 365 subscriptions.
    • You can't install multiple Office products on a computer if the products are the same version but use different installation technologies. In some cases, you also can't install two different versions of Click-to-Run applications on the same computer. For more information, see Microsoft Office support.

Rules, Eligibility & Restrictions


  • Quantity: An organization can request the following before April 4, 2022.
      • Up to 50 of each donated desktop product or CAL
      • Up to 25 donated Windows Server Standard
      • Up to five donated server products total that are not Windows Server Standard
    • For further details, see Quantity and Frequency of Microsoft Requests on the Microsoft Eligibility, Allotments, and Returns page.
  • Budget: Organizations with annual operating budgets of any size are eligible for products in this programme.
  • Nonprofits only:
    • Donated products are available to nonprofits only.
    • Microsoft reserves the right to grant or deny an organization's request at any time, for any reason.
  • Additional eligibility requirements: For a list of eligible organization types and all other eligibility requirements, see the Microsoft Nonprofits eligibility page.
  • FAQ: For more information about Microsoft's resources for nonprofits, see the Microsoft Nonprofit FAQ.