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The Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform provides you with critical components to adopt a data-centric approach to cybersecurity for your organisation. 

Data breaches are inevitable. If you’re focused on protecting what’s inside the firewall, you can’t see sensitive data that’s already out there. BreachAlert illuminates risk by monitoring the surface, deep and Dark Web for critical data and information around the clock and providing instant alerts. Cyber Threat Intelligence extends data sources to social channels and specialist forums to look for threats that are specific to your organisation.

Today’s digital charities use hundreds of suppliers, micro services and Cloud applications to store and process data. BreachAlert identifies leaks across the supply chain, so that they can be closed faster to ensure compliance.

3 ways to be protected

We have developed three offers so you can choose the right level of protection dependent on your size, budget, and available resources.

Every organisation is at risk of their employee credentials being leaked and used to hack you, and the more employees (and volunteers) you have, the greater the chance there is of their emails and passwords being found. For larger, more well-known charities, we recommend you extend your use cases to search for more terms, including IT Infrastructure, IP Addresses, brand names and more.

Annual subscription rates differ by organisation budget size.

Skurio Micro - Free Domain Watch Service for Charities with an annual income of 300k or less

Skurio Small to Mid size charities with an annual income of up to 1 million

Skurio Large for charities with an annual income of over 1.5 million

For more information on the offer and how to sign up please visit the Skurio product pages.